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Security threats are known to arrive unannounced. Not any more, with the latest Eagle-I Pro wireless home alarm system. The system’s alarm goes off on sensing any unauthorized intrusion and other emergencies. Plus, the panel instantly sends an alert on your mobile phone via a call and text. In short, Eagle-I Pro will never let your guard down.

The Eagle-i PRO, an all new wireless home alarm system is equipped with the ultramodern microprocessor technology. With remote access facility, it helps you guard yourself and your family against risks of all kinds, whether you are at home or away.

The cellular communicator allows the system to transmit a signal to stored contacts in case of any intrusion or fire. By sending timely alerts, it ensures you keep the system charged at all times. Using your phone, you can even arm or disarm it. The inbuilt siren goes off on sensing a threat. All this, to provide you an assurance that your home is secured, wherever you are.

The system sends you an SMS alerts in case of power failure, power recovery or if the battery of two-way accessories is low. Relax! Even in the case of a break-in or intrusion the built in speaker gets activated and you can speak to authorities without the need of a phone connection.Take total control of your security. You can arm the system whenever you feel the need of security and disarm it when you are at ease. You never know when you’ll need security the most.

The 5-hour standby time ensures protection for a longer duration and allows you to rest without getting worried about safety. You can easily keep a tab on what’s happening in your home with remote monitoring via phone which instantly alerts you in case of an intrusion through SMS or free phone call.


Eagle-I Pro Wireless PIR Motion Sensor For Alarm System-SEWA5200

Technical Details:

  • Color : White
  • Item Weight : 499 g
  • Product Dimensions : 12 x 6 x 4.6 cm
  • Model : Eagle-I Pro SEWA5200
  • Capacity : Normal

Eagle I Pro accessory for detecting motion using Infrared Radiation.

Model: Godrej SEWA5700 Eagle IPro Hooter​


  • Compact size with plug-in design
  • 100 percent wireless configuration
  • Built-in 1,000,000 RF codes combination maintains high reliability
  • E-PROM information protection, power failure won't cause damage to data
  • Simplified accessory expansion by automatic connecting
  • Work with all kinds of our wireless accessories
  • Mute operation for night, not disturbing neighbourhood
  • Package Contents: 1 Strobe Siren

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