Online attendance Management System


For companies and organizations that are spread over cities and continents, the solution to a robust time attendance system is the use of online attendance management system. With a time and attendance system (Online attendance Management System ) uploaded in a centralized server, access to the software is then possible from any part of the world, provided you enter the right credentials, which is the basic requirement. This attendance software does not need anyone to process details. Information that is captured is sent to the centralized located server from where the company can create its attendance report as per their requirement.

The online attendance management system makes payroll calculation and attendance calculation easy for any company with a centralized administration team.

Today work has gone 24x7 and companies working in shifts now find it easier to track their employee’s in-time and out-time with these online attendance management systems.

Like all other attendance management software systems, the online attendance system as well has similar advantages, of which the most important one is regulating employee attendance behavior. The system does away with fraudulent practices and buddy systems which a few years ago was at its peak and misused. Some of the online time management systems also inform employees when their shift time is done, and its time to leave. Thus it ensures that work is done and there is no latency during work hours.

A feature that most online attendance software offers is the possibility of real-time employee time and attendance management. The administration could be located at a remote place within the state or at an overseas location and yet be aware of employees present, absent, overtime work, etc. It also helps the organization create reports and check on their employee behavior on a real-time basis.

With online attendance software systems offering companies who have branches spread across states or nations is to check on employee present at work. This opens the window for better work management since absenteeism can be dealt with immediately.

Like other attendance systems, the online attendance and time management software also puts an end to the age old buddy system. Some online attendance and time management software tools are based on facial recognition, leaving no scope for buddy attendance system. Thus helping companies achieve maximum attendance and output.

With the online software for time management and attendance, creating permissions so that the necessary reports are created, is possible. Permission for either the reporting manager, shift in-charge or even the payroll department can be set. Reports can be extensive or team specific depending on the job hierarchy. These real time reports can be shared with the team after work hours on a daily basis.

A graphical image of the team’s attendance that summarizes employees present, absent vs. those present can also be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. These reports can also contain information depending on your office location, department or the organization as a whole.