Realtime Face and Fingerprint Time and Attendance Biometric Access Control Lock - T302F

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Product Code:  Realtime T302F
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Model: Realtime T302F

Realtime T302F fingerprint time and attendance access control biometric locks.

The Realtime T302F is an access control device from the Realtime range which has support for Face Recognition. The T302F takes things to another level with its list of features. The device is has a clean UI supporting Face, Fingerprint, Card, Password & Combinations to identify. The device has a voice interface and battery backup of upto 3 Hours which makes it highly effective in cases of power failures. The Fingerprint input angle is also 360° making the interactivity more and efficient. This product from Realtime is also equipped with Wi-Fi as optional making connectivity a breeze. The Door Sensor & Exit Button sensor input is also supported while assigning Door Control is a breeze. A long list of specifications & features makes the product a must for every office & organization.


  • Face capacity: 500
  • Fingerprint capacity: 5,000
  • ID Card Capacity: 5,000
  • Max. Attendance Log: 300,000
  • Management Log: 10,000
  • Identify Mode: Face, Fingerprint, Card, Password and Combination
  • Display Language: English
  • LED Sensor: 1 (Red/Green Dual Color)
  • Wiegand: Both 26 & 34 Bit In and Output
  • Exit Button Input: Supported
  • Door Sensor Input: Supported
  • Bell Relay: Supported
  • Door Relay: Supported
  • Wiegand Output: Supported
  • Tamper Input: Supported
  • Communication: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi (Option)
  • U-Disk: Supported
  • Audio Output: Voice Interface
  • Battery: 3 Hours Battery Backup (Optional)
  • Working Voltage: DC12V (+/-)5% (current: below 1.5A)
  • Working Temperature: -10°C~+60°C
  • Working Humidity: 20%~80%
  • Search Attendance Log: Support (After Authentication, user can look at his/her attendance logs)
  • Door Control: Directly control of door lock/ Indirectly control of door lock via Wiegand Access Controller. Time-zone 50 pcs, Assignment Identification mode per time-zone. Anti-pass function.
  • Self-Test Function: Supported
  • Power Management: Sleep Mode
  • FAR/FRR: 0.001%/1%
  • Identify Speed: Less than 1.0 Seconds
  • Intelligent Adaptation Function: Built In
  • Matching Mode: Supports: 1:N
  • FAR/FRR: 0.00001%/0.1%
  • Identify Speed: Less than 1 second (when entrolled 5000 fingerprints)
  • Fingerprint Input Angle: 360°


  • Face
  • Fingerprint
  • RFID Reader
  • Access Control
  • USB Disk
  • TCP/IP
  • Backup Battery
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)

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