Card / Fingerprint Reader

Card and Fingerprint Readers are a mandate today in any organization for keeping a tab on the employees and discipline. In the process the organization also has smooth control over its employees and access control authorization over restricted areas. Card & Fingerprint Readers assist in doing exactly that most efficiently ensuring you can work hassle-free without worrying about other things.

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eSSL Fingerprint RFID And Password Slave Reader - FR 1300
Model: eSSL FR1300 eSSL FR1300 RS485 Slave Reader. It reads fingerprint, RFID and passwords...
eSSL Long Range Proximity Card Reader - KR1000
Model: eSSL KR1000 eSSL KR1000 long range 125KHz Proximity card reader. The eSSL KR1000 i..
eSSL Mid-range Biometric Integrative Reader - MR6011A
Model: eSSL MR6011A eSSL MR6011A UHF Mid-range Integrative Reader. The eSSL MR6..
eSSL Mid-range Biometric Integrative Reader - MR6021A
Model: eSSL MR6021A eSSL MR6021A UHF Mid-range Integrative Reader. The eSSL MR6021A is a ..
eSSL Network Proximity RFID Access Control System
Model : eSSL KR102E eSSL KR102E Access Control RFID IP Proximity System. The eSSL KR102E is an..
eSSL Proximity Card Reader For Unlocking Biometric Devices - KR503 E/M
Model: eSSL KR503 E/M eSSL KR503 E/M proximity card reader for unlocking biometric systems. ..
eSSL Proximity Milfare Card Reader - KR100E/M
Model: eSSL KR100E/M eSSL KR100E/M proximity milfare card reader. The eSSL KR100 E/M Card..
eSSL Proximity RFID Milfare Card Reader - KR101E/M
Model: eSSL KR101E/M eSSL KR101E/M proximity and milfare card reader. The eSSL KR101 E/M ..
eSSL Silk ID Sensor - SLK20R
eSSL Silk ID Sensor - SLK20R Features: Stable operation under strong light Support anti-f..
eSSL Silk Identification Network Fingerprint Card Reader - SLK 20M
Model: eSSL SLK 20M eSSL SLK 20M Silk ID Fingerprint card reader. The eSSL SLK 20M is a S..
eSSL Standalone access control - 101 HE
Model: eSSL 101 HE eSSL 101 HE standalone access control terminal. The eSSL 101 HE is a S..