The biometrics recognition system for attendance includes the automated methods of recognizing an individual’s unique personality on the basis of certain behavioral and physiological characteristics. The biometrics attendance system makes use of the famous techniques and technologies like the fingerprint scanner, face recognition, voice recognition, and so more.

Amongst all the features, some of the most common characteristics that are used for attendance management include the measurement of the face, hand geometry, fingerprints, retinal, iris, handwriting, voice, vein, and so more. The biometric data tends to be unique and highly distinct from one individual to another. Moreover, the biometric templates cannot be reverse-engineered for recreating the personal information. They also cannot be stolen for accessing any personal information. Thus, they are completely safe and secure.

What is Biometric Time and Attendance System?

In the most common terms, the time and attendance system is the tracking of the schedule in which the employees, students, or any member of the organization are able to write down their entry as well as exit times such that they can be logged into the attendance management system. This advanced form of modern technology differentiates it from the conventional methods of ID card punching and using the PINs or passwords. There were several drawbacks in the buddy-punching method of maintaining attendance. There were cases of forgetting the ID cards, missing out PIN or passwords, falsely claiming hours of work, and so more.

However, with biometrics time and attendance system, there is no interfering with the system at all. Fingerprint scanner, face recognition, voice recognition, iris, or other biometric factors ensure accurate payroll, efficient time and attendance management, and even for keeping track of records of certain works. When an employee arrives for work, he or she signs in by submitting the biometric pattern. Then the employee scans out of work on breaks or when the shift is over using the same biometric pattern.

Where is the Biometric Time and Attendance System Deployed?

Any workplace or organization that requires effective and accurate monitoring as well as the recording of the time and attendance of its employees or workforce can deploy the time and attendance system. Retail spaces, healthcare clinics, construction sites, educational organizations, corporate office, and so more are some of the places that demand the staff to be present for work as per a prescribed time schedule. This system serves greatly important to larger projects with multiple overlapping shifts. A payroll dispute happening due to some error in the maintenance of record keeping can cost significant administrative time & efforts. However, with automated records which are based on the strong biometric assurance, such a possibility can be minimized.

Various educational institutions like schools and colleges are also adopting the automated system of the biometrics attendance management system. Such highly advanced solutions ensure the tracking of larger populations in terms of student attendance, ensuring that mandatory classes are attended and examinations are taken by the enrolled students in full attendance.

How is Biometrics Time & Attendance System Making Difference?

In various countries, the time and attendance systems have been linked to the personal ID cards of its population which make use of technologies like the fingerprint scanner, face recognitions, irises, and so more. Such a system is made use of by the governments of the country in cutting down the grafting. The advanced forms of biometric systems are making their way into each & every organization existing within any country. These are making substantial differences in ensuring effective time and attendance management to ensure the efficiency of working in various organizations. Therefore, it leads to overall growth and development of any nation.

Without a shadow of doubt we all will agree that technology and digitization has bestowed us with so many gifts which have made our lives serene and pain less. One of such blessings of technology is the evolution of CCTVs that are designed to put a blockage on the current growing rate of lawlessness and illegal activities.

But as it is said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, the same applies here as along with benefits, it possesses few drawbacks also. There is a constant debate going on over the advantages and disadvantages of the CCTV cameras in the present scenario of society.

To put a stop on this never ending debate and get our perspective crystal clear lets go through the pros and cons of Closed Circuit Television commonly known as CCTV.

Why CCTVs are boon?

First, let us observe the various perks which the surveillance cameras shower on us and why a section of society considers it as a blessing. 

  • Watches your back: Security systems for office and other public places keep a record of each and everything taking places in your presence as well as in absence.
  • Potential evidence: High quality video clips can be presented as powerful evidence in the court and judgement can be swiftly made in the favour of victim.
  • Inculcate the terror: With CCTVs getting installed the rate of prohibited activities can be reduced to a significant level with the fear of getting recorded and caught.
  • Enforces law and peace: From the data it can be easily inferred that the presence of security cameras has lowered down the rate of crime and has restored peace in the society upto some extent.

Why CCTVs are bane?

Although they ponder us with so many benefits but as there is two sides of every coin there are also few disadvantages of CCTVs. Some of the demerits are:

  • Intervention in Privacy: The first and foremost discussed issue is the threat to privacy of the people. The installation of CCTVs at public places does keep a check on the unwanted activities but it also hampers the privacy of people. Everyone has the right to protect their privacy and solitude but this technological asset has played a negative role in this sector.
  • Squandering of the recording: Various cases of exploitation and blackmailing have been in the limelight for past few years with the emergence of CCTV. Several public places install best security systems for office to hinder any misconduct but it is often seen that information collected for law are used for blackmailing or the cameras are used for spying on women.
  • Prone to tampering: Few cameras are without any loopholes but the CCTVs can be easily tampered by the law breakers as criminals these days are well aware of the measures through which it can be destroyed or how the video clips can be wiped out.
  • Cannot obstruct the crime: Yes the Security systems to create a terror but not completely. Various robbers wear the mask or use other tactics to hide their identity. Plus it does not exactly stop the crime but it helps in catching the criminal.

All these pros and cons tell us that CCTVs are a double edged sword that renders so many benefits but with a cost. These are the great way to ensure safety of our dear ones as they keep an eye on the unwanted activities of the anti-social elements. Yes, there is no doubt that there is a risk of hampering of privacy but for that few extra measures should be taken to ensure that it is safe because the endless benefits that CCTVs provide us with a sense of safety and security that cannot be made unseen.

With the growing crime rate and soaring rise of attack of the solo gunman, hidden train bombs and suicide bombers, the need for strengthening the security surveillance system is crucial than ever. The issue holds utter significance when it relates to the lives of thousands of people in a public place. Apart from these issues, the fateful road incidents that happen on every other day can be lowered and safe driving can be promoted with the help of this modernized safety system. Installing latest Surveillance system is a must to track the crime process and getting the convicted punished.

Not only this, most of the bomb attacks is targeted at public places to maximize the causalities or loss. The places like airport, railway stations, schools, densely traffic areas, religious centers are chosen as the crime destination, not only for the big plotted crimes, but the incidents like theft, pickpockets, robbery, abducting takes place more in these places. While we ensure the safety and security of our dwellings by installing surveillance CCTV cameras, how can we underestimate its benefits for deterring all the above-mentioned issues?

Increases Public Safety

These CCTV cameras are always working for the safety of the general masses when you are shopping, traveling or even watching a movie in a multiplex. It can help the police or the legal associates to keep an eye on any unnatural movement occurring in the place and stop it by immediate intervention. Panoramic Fisheye cameras installed in the public areas like museums, departmental stores, parking areas perform an excellent job, offering 360° seamless surveillance advantages. If any crime takes place, the camera footage can be easily checked to track the action and get the criminals can be clutched to the bars. Additionally, if any, detrimental attack is planned people can be warned or restricted to keep out of the area and assure their safety.

Ensuring safety of employees

Most of the companies, irrespective of their sector types opt for CCTV surveillance camera installation as it serves the owners multifaceted ways. This includes reduced chances or theft and saving the property from accidents like vandalism, fire or any person trying to destruct the factory or any associated property as well as the employees. Moreover, it also helps to increase the productivity of the employees as they are constantly monitored by the authorities.

Helping the commuters

Cameras placed in the high-traffic areas like in highways, freeways and major connecting arteries of a town can help to alert the people by providing news feeds through TV and radios to reach the commuters, in the form of traffic news feeds. This helps in normalizing the traffic flow as well as making the people aware of the incidents making their conveyance hassle-free.

Responsible implementation can suffice to civil liberties

The issue of defying civil liberties can be easily overthrown by proper implementation of the security cameras and if employed responsibly. Following the guidelines or the rules provided for the use of surveillance devices, considering the privacy issues, eliminates the chances of invading people's privacy. Law enforcement firms should aware the surveillance agencies about the government policies of using surveillance cameras and the outcomes of the misuse. The agency officials must be aware and trained enough to carry out the process abiding with the rules.

While the technology is advancing with the passing time, the security system also needs to be modified for the complete safety and security of the masses. This will aid to reduce the crime rate and apprehend criminals with smart efforts.

Turnstiles are an effective security solution to your access and control plan. Often installed in public transport stations, stadiums, factories, and warehouses, these gates serve the purpose of crowd management efficiently and ensure safety of the location, and convenience. Turnstiles installations at factories also have the provision of attendance management along with the securing the premises. Undoubtedly, turnstiles can be used on many other errands and can be custom-made as per your requirement.

Turnstiles are the perfect way to ensure secured and welcoming entry and exit control. When the security of any office or other public place is under question, and you cannot afford to have zero public movement at that spot, then you need to be very cautious about the safety of that place. You cannot take risk of relying on a simple lock-and-key hung on a plain door or gates. Managing and controlling entrances and exits to prevent unauthorized access as well as to displaying construction site rules on clearly marked, properly placed signs is extremely important. You should go for something stronger and sturdier which takes care of your premises, when you have security personnel on duty, or even in your absence. With all these concerns in mind, turnstiles were designed and they have rightly served the purpose for which they were made. Turnstiles are gates that allow one person to pass at a time. They can also be constructed so as to enforce one-way traffic of people. In addition, it can restrict passage only to people who insert a ticket, a coin, a pass, a token or similar.

Turnstiles have been the choice of the genre of professionals who are alert and keep their eyes opened. They can very well envisage the risks associated with crowd movement at the place under concern. Hence, they plan a step ahead and get these sturdy metallic maze-like entrance installed which look amazing and add a sophisticated look.

Nowadays, turnstiles are being made experimented for the looks along with the quality. More trendy looking turnstiles are available at affordable rates; besides the stylish looks, they are good for security purpose too. Based on feedback from the people as well as from those who are working at the site everyday , turnstiles can be custom-made.

So, why waiting for the D-day when you would sweat and toil and strain your nerves for managing the security of your place? Get your customized turnstile settings. Turnstiles, the ideal way to manage safety of a place gives you more than that. You can keep the record of attendance at the entry-point. You may have cameras fitted to keep a track of all those who cross the gate. You can set the timings of entry, after which permission will be needed to enter, and exit-timings before which the people cannot leave except without permission. There are much more in the list which you can explore.

No matter where you set your work place, turnstiles will give you safety and security as per your requirement. They should be installed at all the various entry points. Keep in mind any emergency situations when you may need immediate exit of many people and how the site will be evacuated. Also ensure the access gates for vehicles are watched by competent security guards or by laborers so as to prevent unauthorized access to such highly secured sites. Remember to have an emergency exit options, in case there is any technical glitch which will cause unnecessary wastage of time. For all these reasons contact reliable companies who can provide well-constructed turnstiles control systems with guaranteed services.

Turn to turnstiles for your safety. To have restricted access of people at such secured places, get them installed at the right time.

Mumbai: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) and therefore the Government Railway Police (GRP) attempt to relocate the CCTV cameras put in on the premises of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) as the current camera positions don’t offer adequate coverage at CST.

The railways are unable to catch miscreants concerned in several incidents at CST as a result of the cameras didn’t capture clear footage of the person coming into or exiting the terminus. Out of the three hundred CCTV cameras on the premises, 168 are settled to the entry and exit points, additionally on alternative places on the premises. The work has already started and can be completed by the month-end.

Around seven large integer passengers enter and exit the terminus each day. GRP and RPF officers surveyed the CCTV camera locations last month and conjointly visited the room, wherever 5 RPF staff monitor the cameras.

“In several cases, we've to let the defendant move into absence of any proof of identification,” same a senior railway police official from Central Railway.

Sachin Bhalode, senior divisions security commissioner, RPF, Central Railway, said, “We wish to capture every and each rider from all the angles, in order that we are able to determine somebody albeit we have a tendency to print the screen grabs.”


If permission from the government gets granted then soon Gorakhpur city will be in the JCT of CCTV cameras. The SSP has ordered to prepare a proposal to install the camera in all the intersections, major markets. The proposal will soon be sent to the government for approval. The motive is that the camera will be able to control the crime and simultaneously the city will also see the hitech.

There is a big change in the development of Gorakhpur since being CM city. If the officer is preparing the proposal for the development of the city, then it is also getting government approval. In view of this, the SSP has also ordered to prepare a proposal to install cameras in the city. Currently there are cameras in some places of the city. Definitely these cameras have helped prevent crime. Apart from this, photographs are also helpful in catching a scoundrel, getting punished in the event of crime. The SSP has asked to create a control room as well as a camera, so that the monitoring of the camera can take place.

The proposal for CCTV camera is being prepared to bring the city into the camera. The proposal will be sent to the government for permission. - RP Pandey, SSP


CCTV Surveillance To Keep An Eye At Railway Station

In an offered to improve welfare and safety efforts at real railway stations around the city, the experts on Monday chosen to introduce 130 CCTV cameras at the Secunderabad railway station and 59 at the Nampally station. Another 29 cameras will be introduced at the Kacheguda railway station.

This separated, specialists have additionally chosen to put up stuff scanners close to the passages and uphold different guidelines, for model, path train inside the railway station and forcing out of vehicles discovered stopped for a drawn out stretch of time.

These measures were taken amid first wellbeing survey meeting of an extraordinary board of trustees framed for the reason and stopping existing security escape clauses. The exceptional advisory group that incorporates authorities from railways, activity, police, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Government Railway Police (GRP), Railway Protection Force (RPF), Road Transport Corporation (RTC) and Hyderabad Metro rail restricted (HMRL) was shaped by DG Road and Railway wellbeing, T Krishna Prasad.

Further, boss business administrator, south focal railways, Mr. M G Sekharam, proposed presentation of prepaid auto benefit at the Hyderabad and Kacheguda stations to give a sheltered and practical travel choice to passengers. Suggestions like to expand observation at the principle passageway of Secunderabad station and moving the transport prevent's area from Chilkalguda to a fitting spot, were additionally listed.

The board has now chosen to meet each month to catch up on this arrangement. The control panel of trustees will likewise survey the essential of any movement intersection or flag in the encompassing territories to simplicity activity stream.


Passwords - A thing of the past

With world business rapidly pacing to be online and more advanced by being smartphone friendly, we have apps and accounts for the most random things by the end of the day that we can’t possibly think of. With multiple social, e-commerce, net banking, business and mail accounts for both official and personal work, and each and everybody giving more preference to the fact that the user must login into an account every body today has multiple account ID’s and passwords to manage the same. And with time the requirement for these passwords soon became more and more demanding. Now the passwords had to be more than six characters and with a number and a uppercase letter. So even if you have the same passwords for all your accounts, you ought to have variations for each of the websites too! Phew! All of a sudden university exams seem to be easier to get through.

This complex maze in the world for passwords has given a rise to come up with an alternative that could be highly complex, unique & personalized, yet ridiculously simple to remember. The most obvious choice was to have a simple safe and unique alternative - biometric authentication. With the biometric field progressing daily from one vertical to another, the adaptation of the tried & tested verification modes such as the fingerprint reader is the most obvious choice.

The fingerprint biometric verification process definitely hits the right checkboxes in being extremely unique, personalized and highly secure, thus it's not just our smartphones or access controls that have adopted the technology, but even our banks that are gradually making this shift. You can see for yourself today that the Aadhar ID for every person is coming into play with the bank accounts being linked with the same. This allows for minimal security breach under any condition.

There are computer giants such as Intel and Microsoft which are making the paradigm shift from the passwords to biometric methods to secure. The Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft has has facial recognition to replace passwords using Windows Hello. It requires the user to sit in front of the screen and the three different cameras from the RealSense 3D capture the shot and the facial recognition is done by Intel’s Technology. Intel has also worked on True Key which uses the facial recognition and also fingerprint to grant the user access to device.

Today we are witnessing the structure of a nation switch to biometrics for their most trusted and advanced integration process, and such major technology companies making the shift from passwords to more integrated technology like biometrics; we know for sure that passwords are a affirmatively thing of the past. There are various biometric devices that are available online which can assist a user in everyday lives and has the top brands and products for biometric verification and authentication that can impact your world.


The Mangrove Cell of Maharashtra Government has been facing an age old problem of encroachment across all its mangrove covered areas in Mumbai. The priority is to protect the space so as to prevent any further encroachment and tackle the long sustaining menace.

Speaking to the newspapers, the Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) Mr. N Vasudevan, who heads the State Mangrove Cell said that the department had drawn up a list of sites and routes leading to them which face constant threat by encroachers. This has been done after a detailed survey of the areas which have been recently cleared by the department.

All of this came up in the process of an FIR against famous comedian & actor Kapil Sharma, who allegedly has destroyed mangroves in near his bungalow in Andheri & other similar incidents which have been a common occurrence in the recent past. The Mangrove Cell has come up with the ideation of this project to construct a fence & install CCTV surveillance cameras.

Now in order to tackle the issue, they have decided to go by the conventional way as well as take technology to great use. The department has stated that there would be fencing done as a first line of protect for the said locations. They have also resorted to technology by using CCTV Surveillance cameras to monitor such areas so that there are no more illegal structures in such areas where there has been chopping of mangroves or dumping debris on them.

The projected cost for the plan is Rs. 10 Crore & the project is commissioned and funded by the State Government. The department has already been sanctioned Rs. 3 Crore for the project and construction of the fence is set to start by next month.

The official from the Mangrove Cell has also stated that certain locations in Borivali, Colaba, Worli, Malwani, Vikhroli & Cheetah Camp are the shortlisted locations which need protection on priority & harsh steps must be taken in order to protect & preserve the Mangroves. As per Mr. N Vasudevan’s declaration, 2% to 3% of Mumbai’s 5,469 hectares of mangrove land is highly vulnerable to encroachments. The mentioned land comes under the reserved forest category, thus is highly significant in terms of encroachment and the environment.

The use of technology is very much necessary in such cases of passive vigilance. The initiative by the Mangrove Cell is supported by good Samaritans who want to ensure the safety of the mangroves. If you too are looking to install CCTV Cameras, a wide range is available on . There is a range of cameras with high megapixels for more clarity, night vision, dome cameras, IP connectivity & Wi-Fi connectivity.

The MCI Officials had been receiving varies complaints with regards to inadequate number of professors & faculty in government & private medical colleges. In a landmark move, to tackle this and to match international standards for discipline & maintain the quality of education in Medical colleges, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has issued instructions to both private & government medical colleges to install CCTV Surveillance cameras in the classes along with biometric attendance systems for the faculty. The MCI has added this to their “Minimum Standard Requirement for 50/100/150/200/250 MBBS Admissions Annually Regulations, 1999.”

This announcement was made by the Minister of State (Health and Family Welfare) Faggan Singh Kulaste dispensed this information on Friday, in Lok Sabha. As per MCI data, till now 985 biometric devices have already been installed at 90 medical colleges.

According to the Indian Express reports last year, the MCI has already asked the government & private medical colleges to register with their Aadhar Card Details. This is to be submitted so that it could be linked with the Biometric Attendance & OFAMOS system.

The MCI has now stated in their notification released on the 27TH of January, 2017 that the Online Faculty Attendance Monitoring Systems (OFAMOS) under the Digital Mission Mode Project (DMMP) of the Council shall be applicable with immediate effect for all medical colleges and the central application shall have the connectivity with AADHAR platform of UIDAI for verification. All the faculty members of medical colleges shall be registered in OFAMOS as a onetime activity.

To further add, the MCI has directed that every medical college shall have Close-Circuit Televisions (CCTV) system in the medical college and shall provide live streaming of both classroom teaching and patient care in the teaching hospital, to enable the Council to maintain a constant check on the quality & standard of medical education/training being imparted. The live streaming of both classroom teaching and teaching hospital shall be integrated as a part of the “Digital Mission Mode Project” (DMMP) of the Council. The step taken by the MCI will definitely help in setting a new benchmark on how the Council keeps control over the system in order to ensure the eminence of the course is retained throughout all the centres.

This progressive step is going to further enhance the way technology affects the society also it helps in determining how we shape the future of our society with in the right way. At we believe that evolution is progression and the only way ahead. A wide range of CCTV surveillance cameras and various biometric attendance devices are available on which can help you administer your institution or business in a similar way.

Home Automation – The Personal Vigilante

Like it or not, we all do want control of all the things that influence our lives. The reason why the global tech giants are making technology more and more integrated is so that ultimately everybody can influence there surrounding in the own personal way and as a choice that they wish to have.

One such technology is home automation. Home automation is a space that has a great future, especially moving into the future. The industry is well established now but the potential is not fully explored. Home automation includes luxuries, necessities and safety to be integrated and work in tandem. In today’s article we shall read about how a comprehensive yet advanced home automation control can simplify the way we live. There are various benefits for any user through home automation. Home automation has various aspects and layers to it which add security and give complete control to a person at the touch of a finger.

One of the primary benefits is the control you have once you install a home automation system. There is an increased sense of awareness for the user once they install the system. A person cannot be at all places at the same time, but everyone wants their home to be protected when they are at work or on a vacation. The home automation systems integrate the security cameras and make sure that you can access them on the go. This provides with a complete awareness under any situation. Thus with the power in your smartphone you can be rest assured.

There is another upside to home automation technology which is with installation of alarm systems and detectors. Alarm systems are not a luxury but a necessity. An alarm system is your vigilante when you’re absent or passively present. In a situation where a fire takes places in the middle of the night when one is asleep it is this system that saves the day. It’s something that can help protect your most valued investment, your home, from uncalled for situations. When integrated into the network of your home automation system, one can easily be stress free and rely upon the timely response of the system, in case of any misfortunate occurrence and then take the necessary action.

Another important aspect and one of the most convenient one is door locks. It may have happened to you, when you leave for office or for the airport, and you remember that you left one of the balcony doors unlocked. This may trigger a panic situation and you need to decide whether you should ask you’re not so trustworthy neighbour to get inside and lock it or miss that flight and head back. But that’s not a problem if you had been wise enough to install a home automation system which had the door locks configured onto the system, making the task a click away and may sure you lock all the doors at the touch of a finger. If given a choice which option would you choose? The answer is obvious, then why would you still not install a home automation system which can solve the problem?

The home automation systems from brands like Godrej, which are available on are innovative devices that give you the most hassle free solution for true peace of mind. Installing the system enables the user to live stress free and access any point in their home virtually. The can be integrated with the lighting and curtain control as well providing you with comfort and virtual intelligence at your behest.


Evolution of Security in the Hospitality Industry

When was the last time you checked into a hotel? Last week? Last month? Or last year? Did you notice what all has really changed since the first time you went to a hotel as a kid with your parents and now? Did you observe the differences that are so evident with change in time? When you opened the door of your room, was it with a key? Because if you did, I am sure you must have thought, “That’s so 2005’s!”

So much has changed and so swiftly that it’s been hard to understand. There was a time when a designer would have never envisioned that a key would not be needed to open the door anymore. The reason for this is the change in the approach of designers thanks to the integration of technology.

Manual frisking has been replaced by metal detectors – stationary and hand held ones. This makes for the first line of defence right at the entrances. Once you check in your traditional room key is replaced by door access control cards. These cards are the new “keys” to grant you access to your floor and room doors. This is still not implemented in the smaller, low-budget hotels, but rather the higher end hotels who give good attention to detail towards the security of the guests as well as the premises.

The traditional key has replaced by a card for the access control is now given which enables the entry and exit to a particular room. Companies such as eSSL and ZKTeco provide us with a wide range of devices that cater the purpose. The eSSL LH1000 and LH2600 are products that do the job aptly. This in turn gives data as to when anybody can enter or exit a room, thereby documenting movement which is in turn supported by security cameras to help identify in case there is any sort of misfortunate incident that may occur.

An additional function that can be added is elevator access control to such a premise like a hotel, where in a person with a card can only access selected floors such as common floors like restaurants, health clubs, pubs, spas, etc. other than their own floor. This ensures that a guest may not be able to access any other guests floor, thereby securing the chance of any suspicious activity. ZKTeco and eSSL again provide us with elevator access controllers which can be found on Installing one of these will ensure that right of entry to any floor is secured at all times.

Now guests who happen to stay for a long while at a hotel often tend to carry valuables that they may need to safeguard. This being a facility that hotel’s do provide nowadays by installing a digital safe within their rooms. This is a great way to allow guests to keep all their valuable belongings in a hassle-free manner, so that they can enjoy their stay. For those who are looking for a digital safe can check the digital safes section on and choose from variety of different options, sizes, and colors.

Rooms today have security guidelines that must be met for a star rating that we usually see. This includes features such as sprinkler systems and fire detection systems for the rooms, corridors, banquets, restaurants, etc. Smoke detectors, water sprinklers, alarm systems, motion detection systems and automation systems as a whole has a huge role to play in the hospitality industry as well. It not just helps in securing the places but also allows the smooth functioning overall.

This blog shows us how the security in hotels has come a long way. It’s more documented, organized and safe today. This obviously involves training drills for the staff to ensure that they are up to date with the installed process in order to make certain the well-being of everybody in the premises.


What Should One Do If Their House Is Broken Into?

What if you enter your home one fine evening after work only to notice that the house has been messed up and looted by thieves? It’s anybody’s nightmare who understands what it takes to make four walls, few door and windows a house for their family. But let’s face it things like burglary or robberies are for real and do happen. It may not happen to you but your closed ones; and when they do the victims suffering from it go under panic stress due to the loss. It can be frightening experience leaving a person shocked and vulnerable. Today we shall read about how to go ahead in such a situation.

So the first thing under such a situation is that one must immediately call the police and file a FIR without touching or moving anything at all. This helps the cops in documenting the crime scene better without any evidence being hampered. Now a few may want to thing whether calling the police would be a good idea or not simply to not get caught in a legal mess, but one must understand that they are there to help us not harass us. Giving correct information is the duty of the affected people as well since the officers are the ones who will be able to trace the thieves and in the future also help repossess their belongings.

The FIR and initial report is also going to help the victim for insurance claim purposes as well; which is the next step. The insurance company must be called next and they must be informed about the burglary and are to be intimidated to start their process towards the claim of the insurance. This must be done within 24 hours of the incident.

The next step is to look for surveillance footage. If there is a security camera installed by the affected household then it’s a boon otherwise it’s a wise option to look around for neighbours who have installed CCTV surveillance cameras, requesting for the footage. The footage should be inspected by the officers in charge and must be passed on to the insurance company as well helping them in the process.

Once the police and the insurance company have documented as per their requirement, it’s time to do some reviewing. The security of the house must be analysed to identify the flaws. Finding all the loopholes to avoid such a security breach in the future is the only way forward to feel safe and secure at home. The victimized family must take the necessary security measures for the future making the home a secure place to be. There are various products available on to help you & your family live without fear. You can read the other blogs and understand about home safety systems and keep your family protected. 


How to Choose a Security Camera?

The easiest and most efficient way to monitor any place in today’s world is through CCTV Surveillance Cameras. They help monitor any environment indoor or outdoor giving live updates of happenings in your building, bungalow, office, factory, public space, etc. The evolution of the camera has grown more than ten-fold in the past decade. The growth is seen from pixelated camera quality to high-definition quality. One can now view live coverage over their handheld device from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Today, there are over hundreds of cameras available for one to buy and install. There are great brands like Dahua, CPPlus, Hikvision, Panasonic, etc. They give you various products to suit everyone’s need, but more often than not, the consumer is confused as to what do they really need and with inadequate advice they end up buying a camera that is either not needed as per their requirements, leaving them unsatisfied with the value for money factor; or something that underperforms and is not able to deliver, eventually, leaving them unsatisfied with the product. Hence with this blog from, we would like to enlighten our readers with the most objective way of choosing a security camera.

Cameras are available in two main sub-types – indoor and outdoor, mainly. One must understand where the camera needs to be installed before get into either of the categories. There are a few points one needs to know before selecting the cameras, which are as follows:

FIELD OF VIEW: Field of view is the width that the camera can record. It will affect how many cameras one may need and at which points.

SOUND: The camera with sound features have a microphone which helps receiving sound or emitting sound via a speaker. These cameras can be used as intercoms.

RESOLUTION: Resolution helps define the clarity of the image. It shows how clearly visible and helpful the camera can be in trying to identify faces.

MOTION DETECTION: Cameras with in-built motion detection can help activate a camera only on detection of movement, and thereby send notification alerts of suspicious activity.

NIGHT VISION: The effectiveness of a camera is also determined on the performance of the camera under no light conditions or low-light conditions. The reason is most crimes occur under such an environment.

WI-FI CAPABILITY: In the modern age of instant results, people also want cameras that can deliver immediately. This makes way for the importance of Wi-Fi capable cameras that give live coverage over the internet. Hence the user can be seated anywhere and can survey any site that they may intend to. This is best suited for people who have several offices, homes or factories to constantly keep a tab on.

MOVEMENT: A camera with pan and/or tilt may be able to record a larger area than any static camera. This in turn helps reduce the number of cameras required to monitor a particular location.

COST: A camera should be a wise choice, and every wise choice needs to have value-for-money. A camera should not be so expensive that one may not be able to afford the valuables anymore. Cost is a very important decision in any purchase made.

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