CP PLUS Wireless Alarm Module - CP-NHA-CA36

Brand:  CPPlus
Product Code:  CP-NHA-CA36
Availability:  10
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Model: CP-NHA-CA36

The CP-NHA-CA36 is a wireless alarm module for the urban homes that require wireless alarm systems to for security. It has a square white body panel with a bell icon in the middle. The communication is completely wireless, hence easy to install and has an effective distance of 60 mts.


  • Wireless Alarm Module
  • Port : 6 terminals(Live, Null wire, COM ,DC12V/500mA, Alarm1,Alarm2)
  • Communication : Wireless
  • Effective Distance : 60m
  • Output Voltage : DC12V/500mA
  • Dimension : 86mm x 86mm x 10mm

Technical Sheet: CP-NHA-CA36

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