eSSL Dual Authentication Fingerprint and Vein Attendance System - FV350

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Product Code:  eSSL FV350 vein attendance system
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Model :eSSL FV350 Fingeprint and vein attendance system

eSSL launched its new vein attendance system FV350 in a trade promotion conducted by Government bodies ( ITPO) in the Indian capital New Delhi. eSSL claims that FV350 is a very stable product that is released after a year of R&D. It is also believed that the error rate is below 0.1% making the vein attendance system a stable technology for attendance regularization.

The eSSL FV350 is a multi-mode finger vein & fingerprint technology for higher security. It’s reliable, durable and a highly accurate mode of authentication with an Independent R&D finger vein technology.

It is a modern design with a 2.8-inch capacitive screen on top with a bell button below. The device has a kink below the button to accommodate the Finger vein and Fingerprint Reader.  The device has a matt-silver finish.

The vein attendance system has a fingerprint, finger vein, password, & card (optional) multi-mode authentication system. This enables the user to have varied levels of authorization for control over access or classified information as desired. Combinations of finger vein, password & fingerprint are also possible.

Major features of eSSL FV350

  • Dual authentication method : Both fingerprint and fingervein
  • Default/Inbuilt access control system
  • error rate  : <0.1% ( Claimed by eSSL)
  • Application : high secure places like Banks,Hospitality sector for VIP access authentication,R&D department, Level 4 labs to verify the entrant, Jewellry stores etc 

Technical specifications : eSSL FV350

  • Processor :Zmm220 with 1.2 GHz
  • Vein capacity : 1000
  • Fingerprint capacity : 1000
  • Authentication : Combination of the follow : 

                 - Fingeprrint Vein

                 - Fingerprint

                 - RFID

                - Password

  • Communication: TCP/IP ,RS485
  • RFID : Proximity,Mifare ( Optional)
  • Dispaly : 2.8"touch
  • Full access control functionality with weigand in and out, 1 Auxiliarry port/slot.
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Technical Sheet: eSSL FV350

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