Godrej Solus 4.3 Lite Video Door Phone

Brand:  Godrej
Product Code:  SEVD9040
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The sleek and stylish Solus ST 4.3 Lite adds to your home aesthetics in addition to keeping you safe. It has a high-resolution pinhole camera that gives excellent picture quality and infrared LED which enables you to see visitors at your doorstep even at night. What’s more, the Video Door Phone can also be paired with your door lock enabling you to unlock the door for your visitor at just the click of a button! Be it wind or rains, robbers or petty thieves, the vandal resistant and weather proof outdoor unit ensures protection under any circumstance.
4.3” Colour indoor monitor
indoor monitor
The 4.3”colour indoor monitor makes sure that you don’t miss any element and get a clear view of the visitor standing outside the door.
High resolution pinhole camera
The high resolution pinhole camera captures images clearly and efficiently. It produces high quality images in all light levels, is easy to use and capturing images discreetly.
Infrared LED for night vision
Darkness will not hamper your safety ever again. The LED for night vision dispel darkness and allows you to see even at night.
Vandal resistant and weatherproof outdoor unit
Be it wind or rains, robbers or petty thieves, the vandal resistant and weather proof outdoor unit ensures protection under any circumstance.
Angular Wall Bracket
The angular wall bracket allows the screen to tilt to the sides to offers flexibility of viewing the image clearly on the screen from different angles.
Unlock the door without attending it
Tub Clean
You no longer need to attend the door. Unlock the door from wherever you are in your home.
Monitoring and talking with a visitor
Tub Clean
Be privy to the dual benefit of monitoring the visitor at the door on the indoor screen and at the same time talking with him.
Supports 2 door stations
What use is safety if it’s not complete? The reason it supports 2 door stations, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring you absolute safety.
Adjustable volume, brightness, colourand contrast
Everything, right from volume, brightness, colourand contrast can be easily adjusted as per your viewing and listening preference.
Supports AC power input
AC power input ensures 24X7 operability without any break in the security of your home. Plus, the flexibility it offers comes as an added bonus.
Hands free
It gives you the complete freedom to use your hands even while you speak with visitor on the Hands-free handset.
Free Installation
Convenience that starts with Free Installation of the unit continues forever as you go on discovering the security and benefits.

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