Hikvision Card Enrollment Station - DS-K1F180-D8E

Brand:  Hikvision
Product Code:  DS-K1F180-D8E
Availability:  10
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Hikvision Card Enrollment Station - DS-K1F180-D8E


  • Plug-and-play USB with no-driver technology
  • 2 PSAM cassettes (standard configuration), same size with 2 SIM cards in total
  • Supports on-line upgrade
  • Supports various card types with the card reading frequency 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz: Mifare1 card (Serial No. and content), CPU (Serial No.), and EM card (Serial No.)
  • Well-defined API
  • Adopt high-level encryption algorithm to ensure the security for data communication
  • Provides general interface library supporting various operation systems and language development platform
  • Supports online upgrading and updating

Technical Sheet: DS-K1F180-D8E

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