Micro Processor Based Design - Fully micro processor based design ensures high reliability and accuracy.

Automatic Voltage Regulation - The Super boost AVR provides regulated clean power for a wide input voltage window of 140 to 300V AC, Which allows the UPS to work in mains mode even under very low & high voltage conditions, thereby extending the life of the battery.

Cold Start Capability - Ability to start the UPS and perform file saving, document printing etc., when AC mains power supply is unavailable.

Overload - Safeguards the UPS and load against damage due to overload/short circuit.

Intelligent battery Management - Prevents the dissipation of battery energy by automatically shutting down the UPS when the load is very less or if there is no load to the UPS while operating in back-up mode.

Saftey Complied as per IEC 62040-1/IS16242 (Part1) : 2014std


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Numeric Digital 600 EX UPS
The Digital 600 EX V has a microprocessor-based design for high reliability and accuracy. Its fan-le..