Why is business security so important?



Businesses need to realise the importance of security especially since they deal with valuable information all the time. Any compromise on important information can lead to serious consequences and even the loss of business. Employee information and protection as well as right salary calculation too is valuable for a company of all sizes. Companies or businesses today can face this huge challenge of curbing unauthorised access to information that can be vital to any business. With adequate measures taken to ensure security of information and employee information, breech of information can be either minimised or eradicated completely. Breech of company security can circumvent to huge losses to the organisation. Ensuring that business property, information and its employees are adequately protected not only ensures a safe working place but an ideal company to invest in.

Security system manufacturing companies like CP Plus CCTV cameras, Zicom and eSSL are pioneers in this industry. They have been developing and providing the market with high-end security and attendance systems that have automated most of its functioning in turn making businesses operate easily and smoothly. Security and biometric access control system companies like Zicom, eSSL and CP Plus CCTV cameras have used technology to their benefit by selling the latest products, like face recognition, iris recognition softwares and systems, palm / vein recognition systems etc. These biometric and security access control technologies are great for multi-million organisations, RnD based huge organisations or even security related government based organisations. These though, make up only a small percentage of the business force. A large part of the business force and ancillary services still continue to be fraught especially when it comes to wanting a good security and attendance system that is low on cost.

Settling for cheap security and attendance systems or even CCTV cameras is not the answer. Cheap could often mean that a business might have to compromise on quality security and attendance systems, which is definitely not the solution. Probing the market to look for attendance biometrics access systems and software would again mean compromising on business time. Business owner’s especially small and mid-sized segments often leave their business security up to their ‘fate’ as they always fall short of time and money when it comes to investing in a good security and biometrics system.

Small and medium businesses understand the importance of efficiency and the essence that time is of money. Adopting hi-end biometrics attendance systems can prove to be effective but it again means that the business might have to slash its pockets elsewhere. Cost effective biometric systems are the only answer to businesses that look for cheap yet effective solutions that will help them run their business smartly. The age where a lock and key played a major role in securing a business premise has past. Instead with high-end yet affordable and cheap biometric solutions, business can now function safely and ensure the safety of its employees as well as critical information dealt with.

Smart fingerprint biometric attendance and access control system choices like the U990 and X990 are excellent choices because of its low price and high end functions. These fingerprint reader and RFID readers give access to employees though the use of a swipe card or fingerprint / thumb impression. With the ability to store thousands of imprints and 1,00,000 transactions it is an ideal proposition for business of all sizes. Companies who are looking for Wi-fi access or GPRS for wireless communication can opt for the U990 fingerprint access control system. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the use of PINS along with fingerprint reader that allows for additional security.

With the U990 and X990 fingerprint biometric access control software and system businesses can now allow access to only its employees. It also allows businesses to restrict certain employees from accessing unauthorised departments. It also measures work hours clocked in by every employee, every time an employee swipes their access card on an access control system that is generally installed at the entrance of the premise or department, the transaction along with the employee’s identity is recorded. In and out time of employees can be easily logged and documented because of the biometric attendance system.

With an efficient and automated biometric attendance software installed that logs in attendance and hours worked it can be used effectively in all industries ranging from simple business setup, cafes, malls and even mid-sized organisations. Since installation of biometric access control systems is not complicated they are a much preferred choice for every business owner. There is no need for small and medium businesses to lag behind when it comes to using the right technology. Staying with the times as well as ensuring that price is not a hindrance can change the entire scenario of how a business functions.

Businesses today irrespective of their size or function can now move ahead along with the times especially since there are cheap yet efficient solutions available when it comes to security. With the X990 and U990 fingerprint standalone biometric attendance tracker and access control system installed, business can function securely and time transforms itself into an asset.