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Digital Safes - One of the best Safety Systems 
We often buy jewellery and other valuable items and we often are very cautious of their safety. Some people risk it by keeping in cupboards and some have access to have lockers in banks. There have been various techniques used by the people to misuse them as their safety systems are not too safe. Then came the digital safes which enable one to have a strong safe key for storing their valuables. Digital safes are nothing but the safety systems which use digital technology to store the valuables at home or at the workplace.
Types of Digital Safes:
The use of technology and electronic has made the job easy for maintaining the safety of valuables. The availability of digital safes ensured safety at minimal costs as well as easy access. The digital safes include many types based on the technology used. Some of them include fingerprint sensing (biometric), using Keypad for the password, digital keyboard, using digital OTP as password etc. The biometric and keypad type digital safes are generally used in households and offices. The OTP type digital safes are generally used by professionals for very high-security purposes.  
The biometric digital safes are available in various types which includes single finger sensor, multi-finger sensor, palm sensor, sensing both the palms etc. The owner decides which type is suited for his/her purpose. These censors can also have multi-user access which can help business partners, members in the same house.
Various companies have come up and started manufacturing digital safes and the user has a benefit from this, as the market is not monopolized. The competition can make the companies give their best and also demands to sell at low costs.
Digital safes have a great advantage over other security models because these are electronic devices and when misused they can alert the user using technology. Besides denying access to open the lock, these security systems also ensure that the culprits can be caught by alerting the owner.
The usage of digital safes in India has accelerated since the launch of many online platforms. The sites like securitkart, yale services, etc have led to the advancement of the E-commerce business of Digital Safes in India. These sites have a varied range of digital safes manufactured by top brands. Godrej has set up its own stores as well as online services for selling their own Digital safes and they have been the market leader in sales of Digital safes in India. The only disadvantage over conventional key type locks is that the digital safes have to be maintained by checking at regular periods of time so that to ensure proper working of the battery, electronic equipment, and other machinery. 
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