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RFID is being adopted for item level tagging in retail stores. It's a technology that stores and retrieves information remotely through devices known as RFID tags or transponders. It is the newest technology which will exactly determine objects, it's extremely been set alight by the endorsement of the technology by the retail business. RFID is returning into increasing use in business as an alternate to the code.

Functioning of RFID
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It uses electromagnetic waves that are in the form of radio waves. Information is taken from these waves by the use of a unique device attached to an object to proceed the transaction. The object has special features that enables it to scan the reader even from distance. The unique reader can be placed anywhere for detection and tracing.
These RFID scanners are famous among many industries. For example, these scanners, used in automobiles can be useful to track the velocity and its progress by just using one chip. Using these scanners one can keep a track of attendees in an event where large number of people are present. RFID tags helps reduce long queues and waiting time in such situations.
Now, these RFID tags are used for transacting cash, clothing items, materials management, tracking, kiosks, etc. Although it has been said that these tags used without consent could lead to many privacy concerns. These chips could also be used in shops and malls for customers and employers to expedite the theft. These tags have very small chips which can be used in various industries in their day to day tasks.
They work on a local energy source and contains electronically stored information. These tags can be easily scanned to extract all the information stored inside. If used properly, these tags can be really helpful for all sectors of the society as they reduce human work and time at the same time, their efficiency and accuracy is really high. 
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