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Face Locks

The world around us is changing in more ways than we really can understand. The idea of not having to carry or card to access your own home may sound ridiculous to many and some may refuse to even think. But, would it be really weird if we said that the future is here?

Imagine having to use your face to allow you to access into any room or any door for that instance. That is the reason we said, the future is here! Companies like eSSL & ZKTeco are pioneers who have made this available to the world; these locks have the capable of recognizing faces and unlocking based on face detection through biometrics. The devices have multiple modes to unlock making it convenient for use in any kind of a location. Time to move over to something that’s really “smart”!

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eSSL Intelligent Face Recognition Smart Digital Door Lock - FL1000
Model: eSSL-FL1000 The eSSL FL1000 is a well-designed piece of futuristic technology. This i..
ZKTeco FL1000
Model: ZKTeco FL1000 The ZKTeco FL1000 is a well-designed piece of futuristic technology. Th..