Card / Fingerprint Reader

Card and Fingerprint Readers are a mandate today in any organization for keeping a tab on the employees and discipline. In the process the organization also has smooth control over its employees and access control authorization over restricted areas. Card & Fingerprint Readers assist in doing exactly that most efficiently ensuring you can work hassle-free without worrying about other things.

All About Card/ Fingerprint Reader
The latest technology of Fingerprint and card reader consists of a card chip reader technology with a Fingerprint scanner that scans the fingerprint of the owner, made for the card security. As no fingerprint is ever same for any two people, this card technology is very accurate. Sensor built on fingerprint scanner authenticates identity. 
The card has a fingerprint scanner that scans the fingerprint of the cardholder's identity and then it matches it with the one saved in database. If the scan is successful and the finger match is authenticated then it eliminates the need for the cardholder to give any identity or secret PIN. 
This fingerprint and reader is a must for all industries as help in the normal and easy functioning of the organizations and businesses. They help in keeping a record on the work place and the people present there. It also makes sure only authorized personnel enter. The technology is not only advanced and secure but also secure and fast. It is designed especially for security and proxy attendance control. 
This fingerprint and card reader is the best solution to solve to problem of queues and long waiting time for entry and exits at various work places. The fingerprint and card readers have advanced energy saving sensors that make the product convenient and efficient to use. It is easy to operate and is very user friendly. It is also password protected. This device is really useful for security purposes and time management within organizations. 
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