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Types of  Door Locks Systems and their Advantages
Door locks have evolved a big way as they have come across a great history, being used for ages. The emergence of technology has led to the innovation of new systems in door locks too. These innovations opened up the market and raised the importance of maintaining higher security levels for the door locks. There have been many developments taking place in increasing security of the door locks. Let’s see different types of door lock systems available for us.
Types of Door Locks: 
Door locks have been given censors and new electronic circuits have been developed which make it easier to use as well as very high security. The different types of door lock systems available in are face locks, fingerprint locks, hotel locks, electronic door locks etc. The face locks are those which sense the face of the user which can only be opened in his/her presence. The hotel locks include various types some time to have a sensor chip which is scanned by the lock.
The other type of hotel door locks includes normal key type lock but with a sensor at its end, so that it cannot be opened up with any duplicate lock.  The finger sensor lock is similar to that of face detection locks, also they are used for biometric access or security rooms and confidential places. Electronic door locks involve some electronic device which activates using a code or password and they can only be opened using that confidential password. There are many manual door locks apart from these electronic systems, which have been developed as highly secured units. The vast development of the door lock systems has seen a great market in India and that made many companies manufacture, take up dealerships with foreign companies and make a good market. 
Godrej has been the market leader for door lock systems in India with some other companies being its close competitors in this market.  Godrej has produced many models and has developed many technologies to achieve the goodwill of its customers. 
The emergence of many online services has led to the increase in awareness regarding various types of door locks available and this made the all companies to start selling their products online. The online security product sites like securitykart, yale services, and other hardware service sites have made it easy for the customers to get access to the type of product they require. They can choose among a wide range of door lock products available in these sites.
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 ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Digital Door Lock - L7000-S
Model: ZKTeco-L7000-S The ZKTeco L7000-S is a single latch with fingerprint door lock integr..
CP PLUS Digital Fingerprint Door Lock - CP-KDL-E13S-R/L
Model: CP-KDL-E13S-R/L The CP-KDL-E13S-R/L is a compact electronic door lock & handle ma..
Model: CP-DRL-12MR-12ML The CP-DRL-12MR/12ML is compact & long lasting. The Electric Rim..
Model: CP-DRL-12SSR/12SSL The CP-DRL-12SSR/12SSL is compact & long lasting. The Electric..
Model: CP-KDL-H23B-TR/TL  The CP-KDL-H23B-TR/TL is a long electronic door lock & ha..
Model: CP-UNB-C22 CP Plus offers the 1.3 Megapixel CMOS color camera in the CP-UNB-C22 with ..
Model: CP-UNB-CM351/352 CP Plus has the CP-UNB-CM351/352 Indoor Monitor with a 7” TFT LCD Co..
Digital Fingerprint Door Lock-CP-KDL-M23S-R/L
Model: CP-KDL-M23S-R/L The CP-KDL-M23S-R/L is a long electronic door lock & handle offer..
Electronic Video Door Phone Lock
Model: VDP Door Lock Electronic Door Lock with Three keys for inside opening doors Manualy and Du..
eSSL BL100
The eSSL BL100 is door lock with access control features. The compact and elegant device comes has a..
eSSL Intelligent Face Recognition Smart Digital Door Lock - FL1000
Model: eSSL-FL1000 The eSSL FL1000 is a well-designed piece of futuristic technology. This i..
Model: eSSl-CR50W-Encoder The eSSL-CR50W-Encoder is an easy enrollment of Mifare cards using..
Model: eSSl-L4000 The eSSL – L4000 is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint technology. The..
The eSSL – L5000 is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint technology. The deadbolt will be locked a..
The eSSL – L7000 is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint technology. It comes with a OLED display ..
Model: eSSL-L9000 The eSSL – L9000 is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint technology. The..