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Still looking for a near perfect device that delivers so effectively, that it’s most suited to manage the biometric time & attendance Schedule for your Office, School, Hostel, College or Hospital? The Identix Series from eSSL is your answer to the question. Securitykart is the official distributor for the Identix Series offering the range at economic prices, security & punctuality in your work. The machines are having a contemporary design which will complement your interior as well.

Every different Identix Series has its different various identification options ranging from RFID Card’s to Fingerprint Scanners and even Face Recognition Systems. Assisted with quick response times and access control, the employee time tracking & online attendance management system is a brilliant way to organize your enterprise.

The hardware is support by time management software which gives you comprehensive results, analytical data and statistics. It will give you entry and exit times and names, while even restricting certain areas as per your access control list. This helps in governing supervising every space in a more controlled way. See a variety of products at Securitykart for the widest & wisest choice.

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eSSL Biometric Time and Attendance Fingerprint Systems - K13
The eSSL Identix K13 is a unique offering from the company in its Identix Series, offering a unique ..
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eSSL Identix Security Fingerprint Attendance System with Access Control - K30
The eSSL Identix K30 is a fingerprint time & attendance machine with access control system. It h..
eSSL Identix Time and Attendance Biometric System - Identix excel
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eSSL Identix Time and Attendance Face Recognition Machine - KF200
The eSSL Identix KF200 is a beautiful black Face Time Attendance device for those who are conscious ..
eSSL Innovative Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance Reader - K21
The eSSL Identix K21 gives you the complete package for Fingerprint Time & Attendance System. It..
eSSL Multi-Bio Face and Fingerprint Time & Attendance System - MB200
The eSSL Identix MB200 is a multi-bio time attendance system with fingerprint& face reading capa..
eSSL Standalone Network Fingerprint Access Control System - Identix SF100
The eSSL Identix SF100 has redefined the term miniature with its design and sheer size. For the give..
eSSL Time and Attendance Identix Security Systems - K20
The eSSL Identix K20 is for Access Control in your office, school, gym, clubhouse, etc. to give you ..