Benefits of using a Palm Temperature Detector in Your Company

A palm temperature detector is a device which checks a person’s body temperature when they hold out their palm in front of the device. The device will record the temperature and display it for anyone remotely monitoring the device to identify people who may have abnormal temperature. If the device records abnormal temperature, Benefits of using a Palm Temperature Detector in Your Organizationthen it sounds an alarm which can alert the respective personnel.

Some of the benefits of using a palm temperature detector are:

1.Contactless method of checking temperature

When using a palm temperature detector, you do not have to touch the screen. The device detects temperature in a contactless method. This way, you can reduce the spread of infection from one person to another. Employees also feel safer when they have to use a non-touch device for temperature measurement.

2.Does not require to be manned

Another benefit of the palm temperature detector is that you do not have to employ additional workforce to check the temperature. Unlike handheld temperature measurement devices which require a person to check the temperature, this device can be installed on a wall at the entrance of the building or the office so that anyone entering the area can check the temperature before entering. If the temperature is high, then an alarm is raised and a person monitoring the device on the backend can take necessary steps according to your organization’s policies.

3.Highly accurate temperature recording

You will receive accurate temperature recordings from the non-touch palm temperature detector device. The device is highly reliable and works on electricity and not on batteries. This reduces errors caused by low battery.

4. Increase safety of the area where it is used

Safety has become a big concern for people in workplaces. The COVID 19 situation has spread panic among employees who are worried that they may end up getting infected. Employees are demanding that employers take adequate precautions to avoid the spread of unwanted infections within the organization and to quickly identify persons who may be suffering from infections. Since fever can be one of the symptoms of an infection using a palm detector is helpful to quickly check for people who may be infected and may want to enter a building area.

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Workplaces, Malls, Hospitals, Educational institutes etc . Security kart would like to introduce Epidemic Control products like Handheld Thermal Cameras, Palm Temperature devices, IR Thermometer, Face Recognition & Temperature Kit and DFMD with temperature measurement.

Having these measures can help us build confidence in employees and visitors, They would feel safe as everyone around is screened.

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