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Alarm Systems

Isn’t the thought of a burglary or fire at your home highly stressful and disturbing? It is a common thought that most people do go through at when away from the residence at work, business trip or a vacation. Imagine what if you could have complete control over your possessions and valuables, ensuring that an alarm goes off even at the slightest instance.

To tackle this issue itself there are various companies that have introduced alarm systems to help you stay at home or away with complete peace of mind. There are various alarm systems for glass break, hooting, door sensors and burglary alarms that can help eliminate the fear by giving you a viable solution for complete peace of mind. The range of smoke detectors, motion sensors, hooters, glass break sensors and remote arming/disarming devices are highly useful, stable and most importantly secure.

Securitykart has products from Godrej and CPPlus to help you and your loved ones have a safe and secure future. The solutions are wireless and have hassle-free easy installation to help you get the necessary security features in the easiest possible way.

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Godrej Eagle I Lite
The Godrej Eagle I Lite is the alarm system that solves your security needs. You don’t need a specia..
Godrej Eagle I Smart Plug & Play Alarm System
Secure your home with just a push of the button. Gone are the days when setting up a security alarm ..
Godrej Glass Break
Model: Godrej Glass Break The Godrej SEWA 6000 Glass Break Sensor comes in an all-white design an..
Godrej Hooter
Model: Godrej SEWA5700 Eagle IPro Hooter​ The Godrej SEWA5700 Eagle I Pro Hooter is a plug a..
Godrej Key Fob
The Godrej SEWA5400 Key Fob is a miniature 4-button wireless transmitter designed for easy arming an..
Godrej PIR MS Wall
Eagle-I Pro Wireless PIR Motion Sensor For Alarm System-SEWA5200 The Godrej SEWA5200 Eagle I Pro ..
Godrej Radio Frequency Tag
Godrej Eagle-I Pro RF Tag For Alarm System-SEWA5500   ..
Godrej Signal Repeater
Model: Godrej Signal Repeater ​ The Godrej SEWA 6100 Signal Repeater, as the name sugge..
Godrej Wireless Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor
Model: Godrej Wireless Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor​ The Godrej SEWA 5800 Wireless Ceiling Mo..
Godrej Wireless Door Sensor
Model: Godrej SEWA5300 Eagle I Pro Door Sensor​ Features: Supports 10 remote controls,..
Godrej Wireless Eagle-I Pro Burglar Alarm Kit
  Free Installation The Godrej Eagle I Pro is the latest security alarm system mo..
Godrej Wireless Smoke Detector
Model: Godrej Eagle-I Pro Wireless Smoke Detector The Godrej Eagle I Pro Wireless Smoke Dete..
Hikvision Network Security Control Panel - DS-19A08-F/Kx(G)
Hikvision Network Security Control Panel - DS-19A08-F/Kx(G) Features: 8-zone alarm input; ..