How To Keep Your Home Safe?

Are you safe (in your home)?

We’re not safe!!! Not even in our homes!!!

As disturbing as some of those news reports are, what we hear about burglary, robbery and other such crimes aren’t fanatical. They are very real, taking place every single day. And these are happening, even after countless measures in implementation by police and state law.

What does this means?

To protect your home, family and yourself, you are your best help.

What Home Safety Measures You Have Taken?

Assumingly, much like everyone, the safety of your kids, partner, parents and entire family is at the top of your priority list. So it is nothing short of essential that you take big measures to keep your home fully secured—even if you think you live in a safe haven.

Sadly and surprisingly, while as important as the topic is, few people really make evident efforts to safeguard their homes from any uncertainty. They blindly rely on law enforcements, completely overlooking the big loopholes that exist in the system.  

Are you one of these people? How concerned are you about the safety of your family?

If your “strong-enough” main door is all there is in the name of home security, it is high time you rethink over that and beef up your safety with robust defenses.

How To Keep Your Home Safe?

Of course, there’s plenty you can do to protect your home and the entire society. However, you should also be careful about your budget; unless you can afford everything.

Here’s how to keep your home safe without blanking your bank account:

  1. Start Thinking Strategically- Don’t go on a spree of buying surveillance, fingerprint locks, digital safes, and whatnots just because they seem “nice” and everyone is recommending them. When it comes to home safety, you need to think strategically. Have multiple layer of defense. Protect the main door and windows first. Follow this by securing rooms and your locker. When you think this way, you have a clear mind as to what needs to be done next and what security items do you need to purchase.

  2. Make entrance door ‘the best’- Your main entrance door should have the most attention. If you’re not sure about its material and think it’s not sufficient to offer optimum security, get it replaced. Now, put multiple locks and bracing on it for added safety.

  3. Video Door Phone- This is one of the most important parts of your home safety. Video door phone is a MUST. Because often burglaries aren’t breaking and entering but forceful attempt to enter the house. So never open your doors until you’re fully assured who’s at the other side of the door.

  4. Protect Home From Outside- If you live in an apartment, make sure the whole building is secured. If not, get together with other tenants to build such defense. Install analog CCTV, hybrid DVR, metal detector, elevator controller, alarm systems and even fingerprint reader. If you live in the condo or own an entire home, build a strong fence around, trim the shrubbery so there’s no place to hide and use curtains on garages and basement windows. Always use high-definition CCTV. And if you can afford, also install motion sensor lighting around the home.

  5. Touch the overlook details- Many people neglect their windows, install just the flimsy, decorative glasses and keep it open round the clock. Pay some heed here. Reinforce windows with safety glass or metal bars that are very strong.  

These are 5 simple things you must do when planning to keep your home safe. Indeed nothing is 100 percent foolproof. But when it matters yours and your family’s safety, you cannot let loopholes and challenges creep in your home safety efforts. Keep your eyes open, be alert and always be prepared with all the defenses on the foot. After all, like they say, better safe than sorry. 

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