Metal Detector

A metal detector, as the name suggests, is a tool that is used for detecting the presence of metal. It is an electronic device that senses the existence of metal in the hidden spots and underground areas. The built of a metal detector includes a handle attached to a sensor unit which detects the metal. The tool is used by moving around the surface that has the possibility of metallic presence. When you move the instrument around, it makes a noise if and when a metal is detected. The tone of this noise becomes sharper or decreases as you move nearer or away from the metal, respectively. 
An important use of the metal detector is at the places of security screenings. It is a handheld instrument which is moved around an individual’s body to detect the presence of metal. Commonly used at places such as airports, prison houses, courts, and similar locations, these metal detectors are smaller and more portable in size. The easiest use of metal detectors is through an oscillator which makes use of magnetic fields to indicate the proximity of a metal substance.  It contains a coil-like structure which detects the presence of metal when near it. 
The origin of metal detectors dates back to the 1960s when they were developed and employed for the detection of metallic mineral reserves. Its use is not just limited to finding metal mines. It is extensively used in the process of finding metal arms such as guns at high-security areas like airports, in archaeological projects, in treasure discovery missions, and more. They are also used in the food industry wherein they detect the presence of any unwanted foreign elements in the production of food-grade items. Industrial detectors are large sized and able to scan large quantities of material for the presence of metal in it. The conveyor style detectors are commonly used in many food-producing companies. Civil engineering also employs this tool in order to locate bars that are present inside the walls. 
Metal detectors have also emerged as a catalyst of hobbies. Many people indulge in the activities of discovering ancient metal substances such as coins, nuggets, and other similar objects. This electronic tool has helped greatly in advancing hobbies like these. It has also enabled many archaeologists to discover some crucial metal pieces from the ancient times. At the same time, metal detectors pose some problems to the archaeologists as well. Many unwanted seekers collect valuable pieces of historical testament and disrupt archaeological findings. 
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