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Elevator Controller

Access Control is important in today times, especially in the hospitality industry, where the control is in the hands of the management, securing spaces as per the requirement. In industries such as hospitality and institutional organizations, the means to the right of entry to any floor is through elevators, keeping a tab on that too is important, hence comes the need for elevator controllers. These elevator controllers can be programmed by the user to grant privileged access to a few members/guest, restricting the rest, keep the security of the premises under check. In case, the need arises to grant complete access, passage mode can be utilized to give unrestricted access. Elevator controller can be also used for high-end luxury residences and serviced apartments to make every floor/apartment exclusive.

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eSSL EC-10-EX-16
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ZKTeco EC-10-EX-16
Model: ZKTeco EC-10(Elevator Master Conrtroller) The ZKTeco EC-10 & EX-16 connect in a s..