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Electronic door locks

Locking the house & forgetting the keys inside is now a thing of the past. Electronic Door Locks are there for security during such times itself. The electronic door locks, though not a very new technology has picked up in the past few years in our country. Once you install them, you can never forget to lock your door when you leave, since they do it automatically. Thus, one can leave rest assured about the security of their premises. They even come with fingerprint scanners and PIN Code activation, thereby having no need to carry a key as well. Install a electronic door and forget your worries associated with your lock & key.

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Model: CP-DRL-12MR-12ML The CP-DRL-12MR/12ML is compact & long lasting. The Electric Rim..
Model: CP-DRL-12SSR/12SSL The CP-DRL-12SSR/12SSL is compact & long lasting. The Electric..
Model: CP-KDL-E13S-R/L The CP-KDL-E13S-R/L is a compact electronic door lock & handle ma..
Model: CP-KDL-M23S-R/L The CP-KDL-M23S-R/L is a long electronic door lock & handle offer..
Model: CP-KDL-H23B-TR/TL  The CP-KDL-H23B-TR/TL is a long electronic door lock & ha..
Model: CP-UNB-C22 CP Plus offers the 1.3 Megapixel CMOS color camera in the CP-UNB-C22 with ..
Model: CP-UNB-CM351/352 CP Plus has the CP-UNB-CM351/352 Indoor Monitor with a 7” TFT LCD Co..
ZKTeco TL200 Fingerprint Lock With Voice Guide Feature
Model: ZKTeco TL200 TL200 is a fingerprint lock with voice-guided feature, which makes opera..