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The eSSL Identix K13 is a unique offering from the company in its Identix Series, offering a unique blend of design and sensibility. The device comes with a fingerprint reader software which can read up to 1,000 fingerprints & have a transaction memory of up to 80,000. It is also enabled with a card reader having a capacity of 1,000 cards.

The device has a 2.8”-inch Color TFT screen accompanied by a 4x4 keypad layout below. To the right of the screen it has a fingerprint scanner. The engine in the K13 is powered by a 32-bit microprocessor. It’s got a 500 DPI Optical Sensor.

The eSSL K13 brings is determined to give you effective results every time. It is well suited for small to medium sized organization looking for a device that can efficiently handle the time & attendance with basic biometric verification capabilities. The device can be used in conjunction with CCTV’s for a complete monitoring system.

eSSL K 13 Biometric Attendance Machine helps to monitor the attendance of the organisation. It helps to monitor the entry and exit times of employees / visitors and also enables to create checkpoints to grant or deny access. In addition to one unit at the entrance to the organisation, it can be placed on every floor or even at the door for particular rooms if required.

An automatic machine not only allows to keep track on entering and exit, but it's also quite helpful as it allows to track attendance and thereby simplify the payroll system. It reduces attendance calculation errors, increases productivity and helps to save money too.  
The ESSL K 13 makes use the technologies to access, card scans and fingerprint recognition. Which allows to prevent time wastage and proxy attendance issues. If you have If the area is restricted to that are only for a select few, it can be placed at the entry of that area to know who is accessing the area when and for how long. 

eSSL K 13 can be used in conjunction with CCTVs for a complete monitoring system setup.

Technical Specification 

Storage Capacity: 

  • Fingerprint Templates : 1000   
  • Transaction Storage : 80,000   
  • Card Capacity : 1000 


  • Fingerprint Sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor   
  • FAR : <=0.0001%   
  • FRR : <=1%   
  • Identication speed : <=1 sec   
  • Algorithm Ver : 10 


  • Display : 2.8” Color TFT   
  • Keypad : 4 x 4 Keypad   
  • LED Indicator : Green/Red   
  • Schedule Bell/Speaker : Mini Speaker 


  • Communication : RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, USB   
  • Push data : NA   
  • Standard features : Schedule Bell,Self Service Query,SSR Recorder,. Automatic Switch,DST, T9 Input 

Power & Environment:

  • Power Supply : 12V DC, 1AMP   
  • Operating Temprature : 0oC to 45oC   
  • Operating Humidity : 20% -80%   
  • Dimension : 183 x 138 x 45 


Compatible Software & SDK:        

  • Smart office suite desktop     
  • Etime track lite desktop 

Major Applications:   

  • Time & Attendance , 
  • Canteen management, School attedance
  • Production Management, Gym & clubs

Live Demo and Installation of eSSL K13

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