Godrej Wireless Eagle-I Pro Burglar Alarm Kit

Brand:  Godrej
Product Code:  Godrej SEWA 5100
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The Godrej Eagle I Pro is the latest security alarm system most efficient for the wireless home alarm equipment. The device is installed with a microprocessor technology, making the system highly capable and effective. The device has a stored contact base which in case of any intrusion, will be alerted. The device is also smart in a way, where in the device sends out receptive alerts to the parent device to charge the unit at all times. A phone can also be used to disarm and armed device, or vice-versa. The Godrej Eagle I Pro provides the ultimate security experience from Godrej, leaving you rest assured that your property is under the safest hands.
The Eagle-i PRO, an all new wireless home alarm system is equipped with the ultramodern microprocessor technology. With remote access facility, it helps you guard yourself and your family against risks of all kinds, whether you are at home or away.

The cellular communicator allows the system to transmit a signal to stored contacts in case of any intrusion or fire. By sending timely alerts, it ensures you keep the system charged at all times. Using your phone, you can even arm or disarm it. The inbuilt siren goes off on sensing a threat. All this, to provide you an assurance that your home is secured, wherever you are.
Supports 10 remote controls
Tub Clean
Supports 10 remote controls, 50 wireless sensors and 50 RFID tags
Stores 5 phone numbers
Tub Clean
Stores 5 phone numbers, 1 speed-dial number and 1 RFID SMS notification number
Cellular communicator simple operation
Delay Start
SMS alert
Delay Start
SMS alert for low battery of two-way accessories
Built-in loudspeaker
Delay Start 
Built-in loudspeaker for siren and two-way talking
Arm and disarm
Delay Start
Arm and disarm the system by SMS or free phone callSMS alert
SMS alerts5-hour standby
Delay Start
Remote monitoring via phone
Delay Start 
Low Battery Notification
Delay Start


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