Types of CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras

Broadly classified into home and business surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras come in varied styles, configurations and types. What you need will depend on your specific CCTV camera or surveillance requirement. Surveillance cameras can also be defined as its application rather than its broader category of CCTV types. There are a few other specific requirements such as tamper proof CCTV cameras, all weather types and the list goes on.

Here are some of the familiar security cameras systems that will help you identify and make a better decision for your requirement:

Dome Camera - Dome cameras, are dome-shaped and is commonly used in housing societies, retails houses, etc. These are visible cameras and its purpose is to let the common man know that they are being watched. The design is neat and meant to be unobtrusive and at the same time; visible. Reasons to choose the Dome camera are;

Infrared - With IR illuminators fitted available in some Dome Cameras, video images even in badly illuminated conditions can be captured.

Avoids Vandalism - The dome camera is covered in a casing made of hardened plastic, making it impossible for any vandalism.

Ease in installation - Dome cameras are easy to install since it requires only a few screws to hold it in place. Moreover it can be mounted on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

PTZ camera - Also commonly known as speed dome cameras that have Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) functions that are useful in high security zones. PTZ camera requires a full-time security team responsible for monitoring images captured by the security surveillance camera. The PTZ cameras can capture images over a wide area and even in badly illuminated areas or poor light conditions, e.g dawn or dusk. The PTZ cameras movement is time based allowing for better functionality.

HD CCTV cameras - The need for HD cctv cameras continues to grow steadily. Over the past few years there has been an upward trend in terms of migration to HD cctv camera surveillance. These surveillance cameras are preferred in high security areas as it operates extremely well in poorly lit conditions, and wide spaces. It can be controlled and viewed remotely and is extremely reliable, cost-effective, convenient and comes with the users preferred performance.

Wireless CCTV cameras - Wireless security cameras are either IP based or have soother modes of transmitting images wirelessly. However, these are excellent for every requirement since it is easy to install, use and function. If cable dredging or installation in your area is an issue, installing wireless CCTV cameras make a whole lot of sense. These work brilliantly in outdoor areas that require long distance direct line of sight image views, mainly between the receiving antenna and the transmission device.

C-mount cameras CCTV camera lenses cover a standard distance of 35-40 ft, while the c-mount surveillance cameras allow for detachable lens depending on its application or use. With the right type of lens installed in c-mount cameras you can cover distances over 40ft.

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