Hikvision Network Security Control Panel - DS-19A08-F/Kx(G)

Brand:  Hikvision
Product Code:  DS-19A08-F/Kx(G)
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Hikvision Network Security Control Panel - DS-19A08-F/Kx(G)


  • 8-zone alarm input;
  • 1-ch local alarm output, 8-ch extension alarm output; Remote Control
  • 32 remote controls;
  • MSM alarm-report push and Arming/Disarming via SMS command (DS-19A08-F/KxG supports message alarm data-push function);
  • Operating via client software and mobile client Report Transmission
  • CID report and telephone line multiplex
  • 3 transmission modes: wired network transmission, PSTN transmission and GPRS transmission (DS-19A08-F/KxG supports GPRS transmission);
  • 2 groups of stand-alone Ethernet alarm center;
  • 2 groups of stand-alone GPRS alarm centers (DS-19A08-F/KxG supports GPRS alarm center);
  • 2 groups of stand-alone PSTNalarm centers ; External Equipment
  • 8 external alarm keypads are accessible;
  • 1-ch RS485 Half-duplex interface;
  • External storage battery for power supply; Various Applications
  • Equipped with LED/LCD keyboard;
  • Scheduled arming/disarming function;
  • 1 public partition system and 8 partition systems;
  • Tamper-proof alarmfor the control panel and tamper-proof alarm for the detector;
  • Remote upgrade over network
  • 1-ch siren (12VDC) output.

Technical Sheet: DS-19A08-F/Kx(G)

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