Video Door Phone

Where ever one may live, the security of their family and their loved ones is always a concern. To tackle restrict the access of any individual into our home, people install a safety door with a grill so as to interact the visitor who rings the doorbell. It also serves as a deterrent for households with young children, to prevent them from going or opening the door to random visitors.

But times have changed the way we look at these things. Today we can simply install a brilliant piece of innovation which combines the camera, a door bell and phone – the video door phone and make the process quicker and more secure than ever. The video door phone gets active as soon as someone presses the doorbell. This activates the camera near the bell and also the speaker, helping in viewing the person at the door and interacting with them. Ultimately keep the user secure without having them to open the door to interact with the person outside without prior knowledge. 

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Model: CP-VK70MS-VP The CP-VK70MS-VP has a beautiful all-black body for the indoor unit. The..
Model: CP-VK70S-VP The CP-VK70S-VP has a beautiful white and silver body for the indoor unit..